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Mushroom Vitamin D2 
Product Description:
Few foods naturally contain vitamin D, but mushrooms are unique for being the only food in the produce aisle with the ability to increase its vitamin D levels through exposure to UV light or sunlight.
Youkang High vitamin D Mushroom Powder is a plant-based, agaricus bisporus source of Vitamin D2.


Product name Specification Application
Mushroom vitamin D2 powder 12000 IU/g Supplements, solid beverage, tabletting candy, candy, fudge, jelly-sweets, soft capsule, hard capsule, food(soup stock, salad sauce, tomato sauce, cereal, yoghurt, pizza, hamburger, etc.), drinks(sports drinks, fruit juices, protein powder), milk powder.
Mushroom vitamin D2 oil 5000IU/g Supplements, candy, fudge, gel candy, soft capsules, drops, liquid preparations, general foods (soup, salad dressing, ketchup, oatmeal, yogurt, sports energy bars, pizza, vegetable burgers), etc.
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