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Arachidonic Acid Series



1 ARA Oil
Product Description:
ARA, arachidonic acid, is an essential omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid and important structural lipid which enhances physiological activity. ARA is necessary for the function of all cells, especially in nervous system, skeletal muscle, and immune system.

We make it from Mortierella alpina by advanced full fermentation process.
There are solvent extraction and solvent-free extraction available.


Product name Specification Application
ARA Oil 40%, 45%, 50% Dairy products, yogurt, infant formula, goat milk formula products, vegetarian products.





2 ARA Powder
Product Description:
Using ARA oil as the main raw material, processed through emulsification, homogenization, spray drying, milling and packaging process to ARA powder.
ARA plays an important role in infant nutrition, particularly is essential for infant brain and visual nerve development. However, ARA cannot be synthesized by infants, it must be supplemented from diets (breast milk, infant formula, etc.) to avoid deficiency of ARA, and fulfill the demand of well mental and cognitive development of infants. 

We can supply vegetarian sourced ARA derived from fungi. Thanks to our experienced R&D team and top standard QC system, we have successfully developed consistent supply of above ARA oil, ARA powder and ARA emulsion to maximize the range of possible applications of ARA, which can fulfil our customers' increasing demands to create a wide range of ARA enriched food products and supplements.


Product name Specification Application
ARA powder (Starch formula) 10%,20% Dairy products, yogurt, infant formula, whole goat milk formula products, powder preparations, vegetarian food product.
ARA powder (Protein formula) 10%,20% Dairy products, yogurt, infant formula, powder preparations, sports food Product.
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