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Technology R & D

  LinYi YouKang Biology Co., Ltd. is a pioneering company in the field of DHA and ARA in China, and is committed to the development of polyunsaturated fatty acids and health foods. The company established Linyi city functional grease research center, and had professional R&D team with the relevant knowledge of biotechnology and nutraceuticals, at the same time established long-term cooperative relations with many scientific research institutions such as the British CULTECH laboratory, Nanchang University, Central South University, Henan University of Technology, etc.
The company has carried out long-term and in-depth research in the fields of infant formula food, children's food, health food and other application areas, has promoted and dominated the extensive application of algae oil DHA oil in the health food industry, and has guided the consumption trend of algae oil DHA in the field of health foods.
We applies PC-DHA to functional food and realizes the development and production of functional DHA food through the solution of "DHA +" functional food deep processing system. It has a high level and obvious competitive advantage, and solves the industry pain points of heavy smell and low absorption rate of DHA.