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Corporate Culture

Corporate Vision: Become a professional, influential and respected company in the industry.
Corporate Mission: Being dedicated to the improvement of human life quality and the promotion of human intelligence and health development.
The Company’s Core Values: Trustworthy and law-abiding, diligent and dedicated, loyal and devoted.
Corporate Spirit: Diligence, dedication, loyalty, devotion.
The essence of the corporate culture: integrity, dedication, pragmatic and innovation. Only with integrity, we can be established in the society and create a harmonious working and living environment; only with dedication, we can enable our employees to scrupulously abide by the common values with the company, to acknowledge the company’s overall goal, work processes, framework and management, and enable the company to stimulate the employees’ enthusiasm at work; only with pragmatic, we can create a working atmosphere in which everything we do is realistic, down-to-earth and conscientious; only with constant innovation, we can maintain the sustainable competitive advantage of the company in order to make the company full of vigor and vitality.